Personalized Flower Arrangement

At Petals Artistry, every petal has a story.

You will find a touch of fun and luxe with every unique creation. And it is our hope to deliver the very petals that bring you strength, love, fun, and laughter in life. 

Interlace the chapters of your story with our artisanal blooms of contemporary designs. Let the riot of colour lift your spirits, awaken your senses and mend the soul as the floral scents transport you through every page.


With over 2 decades in the global Advertising and Content Marketing scene abroad, Silvia has brought to life the visions of several Fortune 500 brands as she wove in Branded Entertainment to engage with the consumer.  

Silvia now takes to flowers to manifest her vision of storytelling, with every petal.

"Open your petals of power and beauty, fling out the fragrance of your life!"

Silvia believes these posies are nature's rays of beauty that empower and radiate positive energy in the creations of life.

Making Flower Arrangements
petals tale photo.jpg

A striking bespoke floral boutique houses Silvia’s unique creations.

Like no other, it sits in the heart of the city at Capitol Piazza, located at your utmost convenience near City Hall MRT.

A signature deep violet paints the unconventional open-concept boutique with Silvia’s most adored shade of elegance and hypnotic mystery. Do visit for an immersive sensory experience as you create your story with us for your bespoke posies.