Candy Hydrangea

Possessing enduring gratitude, grace and beauty, the sweet pink Hydrangea is further embellished in a candy fross packaging.  It also radiates abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. The hydrangea's colours symbolise love, harmony and peace.

  • Pink – Linked to romance, heartfelt emotions, love, weddings, and marriage.
  • Blue – Connected to frigidity, turning down a romantic proposal, asking for forgiveness, and expressing regret.
  • White – Known as a symbol of purity, grace, abundance, and bragging or boasting.
  • Purple – Used to indicate a desire for a deeper understanding of someone else or to symbolize abundance and wealth.


Please order at least 3 days prior to delivery for the choice of colours.  Fillers and packaging are subject to availability and may not resemble the pictures entirely.

    Hydrandrea Colours
    LED Lights
    Wrapping Paper