Our custom made work of Art for the season... Fresh conifers, pines, Ilex berries, Eucalyptus, Eryngium, dried lemons, cinnamons, and ornaments etc.  Hand wooven with love, from our hearts to yours.  About 60cm in grand diameter with protruding design, the wreath itself is about 40 cm thick across.. . Get a pair for your doors or simply place on the table top for candles, t'is the season to deck the hall.  You can really smell Christmas in the air!  Chat with us for your bespoke wreaths! Subject to materials' availability, the final product may not resemble the pictures entirely.  Please allow at least three days for bespoke creation.  The fresh wreath can last at least a month and will dry naturally. Pre Order now for delivery or pick up near Christmas, enjoy Early Bird's Discount!

Fresh Arty Wreath