*Orange Himalaya Crystals: Contains the fiery energies of red, only gentler and more creative on a spirit level. When you place them in your home, Orange Crystals will stimulate creativity and give you the ability to adapt to changes, just to name a few.


Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to the porous cyrstals, fragrant should emit for a few days, subject to the quality of the essential oil. Cover the lid if you wanna stop and save aroma emission.  Stay calm, stay destress in this pandemic era.  A perfect gift in an elegant box to perk-her-up, we all need more positive vibes and energy these days...  Better yet, upsize to our Preserved Floral Crystal Diffuser Set to gift your beloved a holistic everlasting eye candy and sensual indulgence...


Himalaya Orange Crystals Diffuser