Phalaenopsis is a moth orchid, a hardy floral plant that symbolises love, luxury, beauty and strength.  The petals storytell happiness, spring, vitality and longevity.  Great enhancement to home decor or as a gift for all occasions, this elegant plant is easy to manage even in the hustle and bustle of your daily life.   Measures about 43cm tall in a 11x11cm Nordic pot, a contemporary design look and feel.


Keep away from direct burning sunlights, stays indoor and water just once a week.  Do not overshower the plant with love, too much water will drown the plant.


Each colour and size of plant may differ, hence the final plant may not resemble the pictures entirely.  Feel free to upsize, chat with us prior.  Do order at least 3 days in advance for potted plants.



Phalaenopsis Potted Plant