Creme de la creme of the Orchid family, the prestigious imported Cymbidium from Netherlands will definitely wow your sophisticated recipient.  This holds a special place as one of the most alluring and captivating flowers.  They have been known to symbolise luxury, love and beauty.  The mystique surrounding orchids throughout history has positionedthem at the top of luxurious gift lists, making them an exquisite choice as a thank you gift, congratulations gift, or to simply say I'm thinking of you.


When you wanna express unconventional yet unique statement of luxe, this will definitely turn heads!  Very uncommon to present in a bouquet, these exquisite florals are pretty lasting when placed in a cool condition.


Fillers are subject to availabillity, final product may not resemble the pictures entirely.  Please order way in advance to avoid disappointment.

Premium Cymbidium Posy

Wrapping Paper