Summermorn Golden Ring of Bliss

Summermorn Golden Ring of Bliss

Bespoke for the church, this Summermorn 360 arrangement of Proteas, Eryngiums, Eucalyptus Nuts, Limoniums, Confir, Junipers, Pines, Hunters Mix and Christmas ornaments are designed to last through this season.  Our regular client Pastor just loves the different Summermorn arrangements we created that will dry naturally without care, yet the beauties enhanced with time.  Absolutely appropriate for any other celebrative occasion, just chat with us about your bespoke Summermorn design!


Please allow at least 3 days for the acquisition of Summermorns and Hunters Mix.  Subject to availabiility, the final product may not resemble the pictures entirely.

  • Do note that our cut off timing for same day deliveries are 3PM and our latest pick up for self collection orders is 8PM. 

    Kindly allow at least 4 hours to prepare your order up prior to delivery. 

    Subject to availability of resources.

    Feel free to contact us in our chatbox if you have any queries.