The floral story begins with "I Do"...


Let us create the perfect flowers for your wedding day!


As every flower is unique, so is every love story. 

We commit to adorning your garden of love into your paradise on this matrimonial occasion, with love and artistry. Create beautiful moments that are unforgettable, make magical memories that are everlasting. 

Feel free to submit your requests online through our wedding form below, or visit us at our floral boutique at Capitol Piazza for a lovely chat. We would love to be a part of your special day!

our special wedding price guide

Bridal Bouquet

wedding accessories

  • Bridal Bouquet - from $160

  • Groom Boutonnier - from $15

  • Flower Crown - from $35

  • Corsages - from $30

  • Bridal Car - from $180

  • Bridesmaids Bouquet - from $80

Flower Arrangements

wedding venue

  • Wedding Arch - from $800

  • Wedding Wall - from $1800

  • Altar Table + Flower Pillow - from $200

  • Guest Table Arrangement - from $130

  • Venue Arrangement Small Decor - from $200/per 1 pcs

  • Medium Decor - from $250/per 1 pcs

  • Luxury High Vase - from $200/per 1 pcs

  • Flower Peacock - from $750

  • Flower Cake - from $500

Bridals Bouquet

wedding church decorations

  • Guest Table Arrangement - from $130

  • Wedding Arch - from $800

  • VIP Table Decoration - from $150

  • 20 Pew Decorations - from $950

  • Complimentary Chairs Decor


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